" You must remember, it isn’t about “All men are menaces to women,” it’s about “All women have been menaced by men.” "
by The best ever response to the ‘not all men!’ crusade. If it’s not about you, stop making it about you. (via dearfern)

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Rape culture at its worst. The details of this woman’s experience should be enough to make anybody take a stand against sexual violence, yet Eugene’s District Attorney has declined to press charges. 

The District Attorney’s decision to drop charges against these players is, without a doubt, an indicator of this school’s complete inability to make our campus a safe place for survivors of sexual assault and those who are at risk of becoming victims. The University of Oregon has long received criticism for being a school that values athletics above academics, but it’s truly disheartening to discover that school officials and law enforcement also value athletics above basic human rights and safety. 

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Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s Street Art Confronts Sexual Harassment

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In which Snoop Dogg doesn’t give a fuck about your gender policing, and 50 Cent continues to be way too concerned about the sexuality of other male rappers. 

Props to you, Snoop. 

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Students participating in a new photo campaign are challenging stereotypes, including those about LGBT people. Check out the photos. 

Just one of the fabulous UO students we found for our campus style spread. More to come in the upcoming Creative Issue! Shot by our talented Karina Ordell! 


Píntame una mujer peligrosa
una que coma culebras
una que ladre
que se peine la barba
una mujer con la vagina violada
con las tetas caídas
una que singue y goce
una que tenga cucarachas aladas
al lado de la cama

píntamela para poder mirarme al espejo

Tatiana de la Tierra

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 We are featuring Yoncé as our Wonder Woman of the upcoming Creative Issue. What? You thought we would produce an issue completely made up of artistic expressions of feminism without paying tribute to the queen? Right. 

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Fem Art Friday Feature: Kara Walker

Contemporary artist Kara Walker deals with the complicated issues of race, gender, and sexuality in her art pieces. These themes are often explored through her well-known silhouettes pieces. In her own words…

"I was really searching for a format to sort of encapsulate, to simplify complicated things…And some of it spoke to me as: ‘it’s a medium…historically, it’s a craft…and it’s very middle-class.’ It spoke to me in the same way that the minstrel show does…it’s middle class white people rendering themselves black, making themselves somewhat invisible, or taking on an alternate identity because of the anonymity … and because the shadow also speaks about so much of our psyche. You can play out different roles when you’re rendered black, or halfway invisible.” [Source]

We are featuring an article on the Kara Walker exhibit that is currently installed at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, along with an interview  with the curator in charge of establishing the exhibit, Jessi DiTillio.