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Spent most of my day today making lots of patches in the print shop using some old illustrations I had around, and one Emmerson did last night of an adorable cycloptic kitten in an ice cream cone. We’re in the process of starting a little etsy shop, so if you want one please check it out!

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Tampon Wedding Cake
Mixed Media

Starting now, every week we will post different forms of feminist art on our Tumblr until we publish the spring Creative Issue. 

We are talking with Ragen Chastain, creator of blog “Dances with Fat,” to get some insight into the secrets of having a healthy and positive relationship with your body. Here she is, breakin’ it down to a sensual remix of “Baby Got Back.”  

The Winter 2014 Commemorative Issue is now available online! 

Yeah that’s right, one of our writers learned how to do the “Tender Forever head bang.” Look out for our upcoming Winter Issue to learn more from her review! 

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lily myers shrinking women (X)

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